So you have this great network of people you follow on Twitter and are getting more resources than you could ever remember. . .what do you do?  Well, you need a way to not only save web content, but a means of sharing what you discover.  Here is where the concept of social bookmarking and topic curation comes in.  I used to only teach one tool around this concept, Diigo.  In the last year, I have added many other possible ways for people to archive and share relevant information. The thing that these three tools have in common is that they are public, can be shared easily, and you can follow other users or topics.

Diigo is an amazing tool to allow you to do so many things with web content.  You can bookmark items with keywords, or tags, that allow you to find resources in your Diigo library, but you can also use the web highlighter tool, follow other Diigo users, create groups and lists, and easily share your information through multiple means.  Here is a short video on Diigo:

If I were forced to use only one tool, it would be Diigo.  However, many students prefer to use other tools to archive/bookmark their resources.
Here is a link to my Diigo Page: jheil65

Pinterest is a new visual bookmarking tool that allows the user to make boards that contain not only images, but links to the resource.  This is a great tool for visual learners.  While it doesn't have all the functionality of Diigo, it is a great tool.  
Here is a link to my Pinterest:  jheil65  (warning: my Seriously? No, Seriously Funny board has adult humor) is a content curation site.  This tool allows you to curate up to 5 topics for free.  I like this tool for specific topics.  I have three topics: mlearning in Education, Deep Educational Thought, and EdTech to Go, and I follow other topics that are in my range of interest.  When you curate a topic, you can add an image to the content and the topics look like web newspapers or newsletters. . .a great way to look for resources.  Here is a good video explaining
My account:  jheil65

Symbaloo is an online visual bookmark organizer.  I love this tool because I can create webmixes of almost anything and share it easily.  It is not only a tool to bookmark content, but I have had students use it as a way to organize content for an online portfolio.  They have an educator version, Symbaloo Edu that offers access to a community of other technology using educators and the option to purchase other services.  If you are one of my students, you can earn for Symbaloo Certification for free.  
Here is a link to my Symbaloo profile: jheil65  (the Educ578 Webmix represents the learning from an entire course I taught at USD)

YouTube.  I'm going to add YouTube here because of its ability to save/archive videos of your favorites, which you can then share with your PLN.  Also, if you upload your screencasts to YouTube, you can share them on a custom channel.
My YouTube Favorites: jheil65

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